What exactly are HdG Stories?

It’s community. It’s connection.It’s sharing and caring. Havre de Grace to be specific and includes but is not limited to:

  • stories of past and present
  • community shared from “as-told-to-me” interviews
  • memories of years gone by, past generations, important moments in a life – some good, some bad
  • events that marked important times
  • history of homes and buildings
  • stories of businesses and the part they play
  • and especially vignettes of the individuals who make up the very fabric of our community.

So what is this ‘podcast’ thing?

For those who don’t know, a podcast (in this instance usually audio only) is like a radio program available on the internet. It will be available on our website as well as iTunes. We’ll update when there are other places to grab it. The really nice thing about a podcast is that you can listen to it on most any devices that you enjoy your music: ipods, computer, laptop, cars, etc. Like some of you, I’m still learning about the ‘techie’ parts. I’d love for you to subscribe via iTunes or other sites. That way you’ll get the updates every Friday. If you also add your name to the email list option, I’ll be able to keep you apprised of news, up and coming interviews, etc.

Why did you start this project?

Ellie - fall - 2015 Many of you may already know me. I’m Ellie and I published a tourism magazine for 10 years from 1998-2008, Lockhouse to Lighthouse that later became a full-color, glossy magazine titled, you guessed it, Havre de Grace Magazine! The magazine was created to share my love of Havre de Grace in an interesting way that would delight residents and visitors alike. The HdG Stories podcast is being created with the same goal in mind. A number of years ago I was involved with Graw Days and the history of our racetrack. Having researched some Living Legacy documents available through the public library, I realized that when you read quotes from a dozen or more individuals, you started to see a much more vibrant picture of a given event or time period. For someone who is not too interested in historic details, I found this approach fascinating. Without the stories, the dates and names and lists of events, etc., don’t really give the whole picture. We have many wonderful historians. I’m just a storyteller. Put it all together and you can enjoy a rich visual of a community. I also think that storytelling piques an interest that often leads to the desire to know more. For me, that is my second goal – to engage interest by sharing a wide variety of stories from several generations that will lead the listener to a great understanding and appreciation of our community. But it won’t be just about our past. I’ll be looking for interviews with the younger generation. I’ll be sharing stories of individuals who were key to saving the Concord Point Lighthouse or creating the North Park Trail, or developing the Promenade we all love to meander, to the Havre de Grace Independence Celebration volunteer committee that organizes our exciting, longest-running celebration – July 4 Carnival, Parade and Fireworks.


  • Gather the stories from individuals in our community so that they are not lost.
  • Create an audio podcast to pique interest in our historic, downtown Havre de Grace in resident and visitor alike.
  • Ideally, it will be posted every Friday, beginning October 28, 2016, at 8 a.m.
  • Audio podcasts will be available on iTunes and the website. The website will also a transcript and hopefully photos. COMING SOON!
  • In the near future, a paid membership subscription that will give more interviews, details, etc. will be made available.
  • All the information gathered will be offered to a local historical organization – tapes and transcripts – at some point. (At the age of 71, I don’t expect I’ll be doing this forever.)
  • The larger picture: I hope to introduce others to creating a similar project in their communities. Keep watch for the sister website!

On that note, welcome to Havre de Grace Stories. I hope you’ll tune in regularly. More importantly, I hope you’ll discover something that piques your interest that will bring you to explore our fine city. May you enjoy the individual threads that make up the fabric our community. Welcome to the journey…

signature - Ellie


CLICK HERE for articles about Havre de Grace that may be of interest.
They're from my tourism publication of 1998-2008. Enjoy!

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