Watermen’s Way

Enjoy Jane Currier’s story of what she calls, Watermen’s Way, regarding some of the homes on Market Street in Havre de Grace, MD, including her own Currier House Bed & Breakfast.

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EPS 116 Meet Robert J Carson

Robert J. Carson (Bob) is a well-respected attorney, born and raised in Havre de Grace, MD. If you’ve only known him through his legal profession, I think you’ll enjoy the stories he shares in this podcast.

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EPS 115 Meet Camay (Calloway) Murphy

Camay Calloway Brooks Murphy, lover of all things jazz, esteemed educator, is also an enthusiastic member of our Havre de Grace community. Camay has shared her love of the arts through her play about a black jockey during race track days, her desire to share the memory of Ernest Burke – famed baseball player in the Negro League, and other activities.

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EPS 114 Meet “Mayor Phil” Barker

Born in Salisbury, MD in 1934, Phil Barker never expected to go to college. Although poor, his childhood was rich in experiences. He and his friends were creative and ambitious. Listen as he shares the story of learning to drive – literally – while taking his driver’s test! Do you know what ‘doffing’ is… keep listening. He worked for the Army Security Agency, retired after 31 years at J.M. Huber Corp. in Havre de Grace, and was even City Mayor!

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EPS 113 Meet Susan Carroll Asher

Susan Asher talks about joining VISTA, the domestic Peace Corps (with more in her full-length interview).
She mentions a couple interesting items like her dad being the first to ‘ride in the nose cone of a missile’, a bit of history regarding the warehouse (beer distribution) on St. John St. and their building on the corner of N. Washington and Congress (where Asher’s Paint Store was),plus an interesting insight about the relationship between Art and the Dutch Boy (paints).Dutch Boy Painter from wikipedia
And did you know that she and Art once owned a skipjack, the FIESTA

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EPS 112 Meet Kathryn Hill

Kathryn Louise Schott Hill of Cornwall, PA came to Havre de Grace to teach and marry her husband Cecil. She never left. At one time she held certifications for teaching, selling life insurance, and in real estate. She raised two fine children and is especially known in Havre de Grace for her community activities, especially Soroptimists.

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EPS 111 Meet Virginia Forwood Pate Wetter

Meet Virginia Forwood Pate Wetter, 97 years young, and a delightful personality. Her life has its share of twists and turns, including taking over her husband’s radio station in Havre de Grace when he died unexpectedly at a young age. She was a 2014 Honoree of the prestigious The Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts Awards. Enjoy her wit, humor and wisdom in this excerpt from her interview.

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EPS 110 Meet Bob Wood

When Bob Woods says, “You’ve never met anyone who’s had a life like I have had… still have…”, I can assure you that he’s not telling a ‘story’ just then. But his 85 years of life are certainly full of adventure, plenty of learning situations, hard work, travel, and very unique stories to share. Mechanic, bricklayer, foreman, owner of his own commercial construction company, pilot of his own planes, built his own house and 64′ steel hulled sailboat (named Hummer), enjoyed three wives and blessed with children later in life. When he says he doesn’t let grass grow under his feet, I can assure that he’s still keepin’ busy!

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EPS 109 Meet Mary McLhinney

Mary McLhinney has a delightful sense of humor and a contagious laugh. She shares stories of her childhood, her marriage to Charlie McLhinney and the locally famous McLhinney Newsstand in downtown Havre de Grace.

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EPS 108 Meet Gary Pensell

Meet Gary Pensell, a businessman of Havre de Grace. But more importantly, a creative spirit with a strong work ethic, an entrepreneurial attitude, and community minded.

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