EPS-107-North Park Trail

The North Park or “Joe K” Trail at the northern end of the city of Havre de Grace is unique with it’s geographic details, and history that goes back to the beginning of our country. Learn about the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal that operated from 1840 to 1900. You can walk, jog, run, hike and bike this trail. Great place for kids to run off a bit of energy. There is a playground nearby. Dogs are welcome!

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Eps 106 Meet Joe “K” – Kochenderfer

Joe “K” Kochenderfer is a fine example of a man who moved to the area for a job and became an actively committed citizen of our community of Havre de Grace. Active as city councilman, on the planning commission, with Boy Scouts, Girls Soccer, the Lock House Museum, the N. Park Trail and so much more.

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Connecting Community

Listening to excerpts of their childhood stories from our community in their own voices is both heartwarming and enlightening. Learning of the twists and turns of their life experiences bringing them to where we know them today is quite often surprising. Havre de Grace Stories is about you … and You … and YOU!

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Eps 105 Meet Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike shares his family stories of growing up in Havre de Grace, including a great moment with Jackie Kennedy, childhood fun fishing, ice skating, and going to the State Theatre, and watching them take weeks to move the first nuclear reactors from Havre de Grace to Peach Bottom in the late 60s.

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Eps 104 Meet Jeanne Preston Hawtin

Jeanne Hawton was a delight to interview. Her recollections will make you smile. Those of you who remember some of these will probably laugh out loud. Being in the Spot Tower with her mom also highlights the state of the country at the time.

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Eps 103 Meet Leon Grimes

Born in Havre de Grace in 1942 and growing up as a black man here gives Leon Grimes a different perspective. Interestingly, he loves our city and enjoyed his youth here. He shares his story of attending the Colored Schools of his day, living in the “Projects”, and never understanding why his grandmother told him they were poor.

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Eps 102 Cecil Hill Sr Shares His Childhood

Cecil Hill Sr shares his love of growing up in Havre de Grace, from Little League Baseball to early jobs as a young teen. Those who know him as a realtor may be surprised to learn of an earlier career.

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Eps 101 Fun with (John) Noble Mentzer

In this Episode 001 with John Noble, he talks about his childhood, enjoying the water – hunting, fishing and swimming. He also mentions the two town dumps. Yes, it’ll make sense when you hear it. Then he shares the work and joy of the family making home-made ice cream and the fun of having fresh milk delivered on a cold day! There’s so much more in the full length interview.

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Eps 002 Honoring Jane Jacksteit

From their home on Market Street, Jane could see the Concord Point Lighthouse. It was a sad, broken part of the community’s history at that time. And she kept telling herself, “I should care what happens to that piece of history.”

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Pandora’s Box or a Treasure Chest?

I waited nearly a year before embarking on gathering these interviews. I had such mixed feelings and was sure that it would be either a “Pandora’s Box or a Treasure Chest.” I started with a list of at least 80 people that I wanted to interview. Add transcribing and...

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Eps 001 Intro to HdG Stories

Meet Jane from Currier House B&B, Peter Ianniello from Mt Felix Winery, and Carolyn Narvell, a member of the July 4 committee. Every person in a community has a story to share. Every story is a thread in the fabric of that community. Welcome to HdG Stories!

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Who Is Ellie?

“Oops... it worked! Now what do I do?” is the signature I created when I first entered the e-mail world in the early 90s. I can’t count the thousands of times I’ve said, “Oops it worked! Now what do I do?” As a self-taught entrepreneur whose projects have included...

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