12+ Stories and more to come…

It’s been a challenge.

Ellie - fall - 2015Each interview is 1 to 1-1/2 hours, edit of original audio (approx 4-6 hours), transcribe of original audio (6-10 hours), and then creating an excerpt of 15-20 minutes to use for a weekly podcast plus the transcription (1-2 hours). These are averages. Then write blog post, find photos and relevant links of interest, upload to LibSyn so that it shows up on iTunes and Youtube as well as on the blog post. Add a fb post. Of course, send the update via e-mail to those who subscribe for our newsletter.

It’s been an adventure and a privilege to listen and learn of the twists and turns of a life story.

It’s been exciting to hear how unique each story is. At the same time, it’s encouraging to hear how resilient you are in responding to the twists and turns of your lives. It’s awe-inspiring to get a peek at the dogged determination, the willingness to learn and possibly travel a different path, while pushing forward toward your dream.

family sharing storiesSharing Stories – Creating Resonance

Each of the stories will poke at you. What I mean is that the story will have you thinking about your own story. Listening to another’s story creates a ‘resonance’ between two human beings. For a moment in time, if we listen openly, we’ll see ourselves in another’s story and recognize them in ours. Enjoy the podcasts.

I’m scheduling more interviews and working to complete the full-transcriptions of those already posted. My gift to the person willing to be interviewed is a copy of everything. I will not post a weekly podcast this Friday (2/3/2017) so that I can upload 2 more full-length transcripts for this month’s paid subscribers.

Next I’ll be working to create a podcast, hopefully, for Friday, 2/10/2017! Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, do you recognize anyone in the photos belows? Click on this link and enjoy the wonderful podcasts and transcripts already posted here. 

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